Administrative Team - Providers of Professional Development

The Administrative Team is comprised of the Project Director, Project Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator and the Project Evaluators. They will work collaboratively to achieve the following goals; to build the capacity of the teachers and teaching artists in the target schools to incorporate collaborative practice in their instruction and to encourage creative expression in their students;to increase students engagement in critical thinking processes and improve their achievement in critical 21st Century Skills, art, and core academic areas; to reform school planning in order to better integrate essential 21st Century Skills across the school community through relevant engagement in the arts. These goals will be addressed during yearly, 5-day, Summer Institutes, as well as regularly scheduled Peer-to-Peer (P2P) workshops throughout the year. The Administrative Team will help teachers and teaching artists develop and implement School-Year Units of Study (five weeks) in conjunction with focus artworks for students in targeted schools. In addition, they will develop and disseminate effective materials, practices, and processes.