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Welcome to the Creative Classroom Collaboratives website -- also known as C3 for its multi-level, multi-dimensional teaching and learning. This project is funded by the US Department of Education's Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) grant.  It is a partnership between Eastern Suffolk BOCES Arts-in-Education office, Riverhead and William Floyd school districts, Long Island teaching artists, several of the Long Island, NY performing arts centers, and Metis Associates, our evaluation team.

The purpose of this 4-year fully funded ($1.116 million) project is to foster 21st century skills for teachers and students by encouraging creativity and collaboration utilizing the arts in all areas of teaching and learning.  ESBOCES is sharing lessons learned and the tools for teaching and learning throughout New York State and national education communities through conferences and a dedicated website.

In year one, we developed evaluation measurements and materials, as well as designed curriculum integrating Common Core State Standards, arts integration combined with 21st century skills' learning.  As we strongly believe in sustaining learning, after a one week Teacher Summer Institute, the professional development continued during the school year with three Peer to Peer (P2P) full day sessions with our Education Coordinator, Laura Reeder, along with the teachers in each of the participating schools and the teaching artists.

This first teacher Institute engaged a core group of second grade, arts, and library specialty teachers.  This group expanded during the ensuing years of the grant to add teachers and students in grades 3 and 4, with the goal of engaging up to 100 teachers in the aesthetic education and 21st Century learning models of lifelong education through integration of the visual and performing arts.


 With the direction of arts education consultant Ms. Reeder, William Floyd and Riverhead teachers and trained Teaching Artists collaborated on the development and implementation of in-school units of study with students in targeted classrooms, and documentation and dissemination of effective materials, practices and processes.

Student-focused development centers on preparation for attendance at a professional performance both at local performing arts centers and in their home schools.  Students have been dancing, singing, acting, writing, and developing artwork based on their own creative learning.  They have been expanding their own critical thinking and interpretive abilities, utilizing skills that transfer to all subject areas.

 As the project develops and the process is reviewed and updated, a web-based "toolkit" comprised of model lessons, assessment tools and protocols, images, and video clips will be publicly accessible via this dedicated website. Check the UNIT STORIES for the types of performances the students received, along with their Enduring Understandings, Context, Activities, Reflections and Resources to support the student learning and engagement.  Additionally, many of the teachers are using these documents as part of their Annual Professional Performance Review.

The bottom line for this effort is to align with NYS Education Department's Regent's Reform Agenda that calls for well-prepared teachers and positive student achievement.  We feel that the sustained professional development for teachers along with multiple teaching artist residencies for students prior to seeing performances will yield these results.

Thanks to all of the educators – both in the schools and the teaching artists -- for participating in this "grand experiment."  We hope it is both beneficial to you in your practice and in its positive impact on each and every one of your students.


Carol Brown, Project Director